Key Areas of Focus

Body & Breath

Taking Care of The Body (the temple of God) and Breath (the life and power of God) through Yoga and breathing techniques.

Food & Ferments

We teach you how to best treat your temple through God’s sustenance, including the importance of ferments.


Self care is purpose care. Your soul can die, taking care of others. We provide valuable tools to help you safeguard your soul.

Why are Ferments Important?


Improves Digestion


Increases Immunity


Improved Brain Function


Increases Energy

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Early Risers Have Better Moods

Researchers have found that people who wake up early and keep a consistent routine are less depressed and in better health.

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You’re Breathing too Fast!

We can change our mind and body state by changing the way we breathe. Veteran Yoga Instructor Mike Thacker recently told the Houston Chronicle that most of us breathe inefficiently. “Most people breathe too rapidly and too shallow,” Thacker explains. He says that it’s common to use only the upper part of our lungs toContinue reading “You’re Breathing too Fast!”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Life Changing”

Thank you H4P! I had an amazing experience with DallasJoy. She is the reason I was able to breathe through the birth of my daughter with no pain medication!

Maya Nesbit