Certified Sustainable Agriculturalist


International Yoga Instructor

Licensed Nurseryman



Climate Activist

Avid Foodie

Dog Lover


Southeast Climate & Energy Network (SCEN) – JEDI Manager

Southeast Faith Leaders Network Coordinator

Spartanburg County Baptist Association – Health & Wellness Director

US Climate Action Network (USCAN) Board Member

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Spartanburg – Associate Minister

What is Healthy 4 Purpose About?

You were created with a purpose, you are not an accident, there is a reason you are alive at this very moment, and you have not screwed up till the point of  no return. You can know all of this but not FEEL it. Healthy 4 Purpose (H4P) has been created to give you the tools you need to make sure that you are ABLE to live out your creation purpose. 

H4P Works in the areas of Body, Breath, Food and Soul.

H4P will help you find healing through yoga, nutrition and spiritual reestablishment. This holistic approach even helps you to consider your living environment and how you can intentionally live to make a positive impact for yourself, and the success of your purpose.  

Who created H4P and why?

DallasJoy is a lover of people. She takes special delight in helping others see all the possibility that they have inside of them. She suffered from years of illness and injury. Over a dozen doctors told her she would never get better. She was told that she woul need major invasive surgery just to stay in the same miserable state she was in.

DallasJoy discovered that changing her diet (to vegan) stopped much of the pain and symptoms. Yoga stopped the seizure-like spasms; ferments held off the genetic diseases. DallasJoy decided that this information had to be shared. So H4P was born!

Click Here to Read the Article from The Wilderness Society & Creation Justice Ministries

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